Wow, 20-milers suuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk. Or at least mine did today. It may have been worse than the one I did last spring on the same route. Just like last time, miles 14-20 were brutal. But in terms of physical pain, it was worse this time. My ankles. My knees. My right foot. My hips.

I realize that the hilly course I did the two terrible 20's on is probably not the best course for a 20-miler. One of the training books I read says that you should avoid a hilly course for the long runs. Hills on medium and short runs are great. I'm not training for a particularly hilly race anyway.

Running that half-marathon 6 days ago HARD was probably a mistake. (A personal record-breaking mistake, but a mistake still.) And running the 5 extra miles probably wasn't my smartest move, either. It left me pretty beaten down for my 20 today. My mileage for the week was a ridiculous 49 miles, technically. It just happened that 2 long runs fell within 7 days.

Anyway, I got them done. I just hope there isn't any permanent damage. It's a little late to get stupid about my training!

Do I REALLY have to do another 20-miler in 3 weeks? Seriously??


A hilly 20 miler would be tough! Be sure to ice and you'll feel better in a few days and ready to tackle another 20 miler in three weeks.
ooh ouch!! Give those legs some rest now! (and yeah, 20 milers can suck sometimes!!)
NY Wolve said…
That is a lot of miles...particularly with hills thrown in. I hear you about seeing a 20 miler on the schedule and wondering huh?