When It All Comes Together

Wow. My 18-mile run yesterday was AWESOME. Pace? 11:00 min/mile average including bathroom stop, refilling water bottle, and gelling. Walk breaks? Very few and far between. Maybe 4. My last mile? 10:20 pace. For. Mile. 18. Unbelievable.

The Tylenol at mile 8 helped. My left knee was a bit achy. My hips didn't hurt at all this time. At the end, nothing hurt (other than the knee) as compared to the end of 16 last week. The gummie bears I munched on during miles 10-12 gave me a little boost. The 1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich at mile 13 made a difference, too. The good company of the 4 other runners I talked to during the middle 10 miles kept things interesting.

I had been dreading this 18. I thought about just doing 16. But for now, everyone in my house is healthy. I can't count on that every weekend between now and December 5. So, I figured I had better get the 18 miles done while I could.


EricaH said…
18 miles wow good for you for just getting out there and doing it. :) That's amazing
Meg Runs said…
You did it and you're happy, way to go!
Jennifer P said…
Nice run! And yes, you never know when you won't be able to squeeze in those 2 miles!
Mama said…
Nice job on the 18 miles!

MCM Mama
yay for a great 18 miler. I wish I were running St Judes with you. Not sure the hubby will go for it. $$$$