1000 MILES in 2009

I just happened to add up my yearly mileage the other day, and yesterday I crossed the 1000 mile mark. I'm technically at 1001.2 for the year so far. I think I've made it in reasonably good condition. I'm not one of those runners you see at races in a knee brace or ankle brace (yet!). I ran with friends from my recent training group yesterday for the first four miles, but that 1000th mile at the end was on my own, which was kind of fitting. Running is such a personal journey.

I'm enjoying this first week of taper, but with runs 4, 3, and 6 miles, it hasn't felt like much of a break yet. Tomorrow is my 12-miler, my last double-digit run until race day. I'm ready to get that over with. I'm so sick of carbs! (Isn't that crazy?)

I'm excited about the marathon right now. The butterflies haven't started yet. It helped IMMENSELY that last week's 20-miler went well and the recovery went well. One of the worst things after the April marathon was laying in bed that night unable to sleep because I just HURT. My legs and feet were throbbing with pain. I think with this higher-mileage plan, I may have a different experience this time. One of the concepts behind the high-mileage plan is that the marathon beats you up less and you recover faster.

It will be fun to do only short, easy runs for the whole month of December after the race. By January 1, I'll be ready to start picking up a few extra miles for my next half-marathon in March (and maybe one in February).

That is because I am a training freak. I have to have a plan. I have to have a RACE ON THE CALENDAR. I can't just run randomly for very long. That 3-4 week break post-marathon will be plenty. I think this time I will follow Hal Higdon's intermediate half-marathon plan. I really like Hal. His plans are just so reasonable. Not too light on the mileage, not too heavy.

Still no definite word on whether I will be training folks in the spring for the Country Music Half-Marathon in April. Job...... hobby...... however you define it, I'll be out there running.


Mama said…
Yay for 1000 miles! Can't believe your marathon is almost here!

MCM Mama
Wendy said…
That's awesome! I'm getting close to 1,000.

Good luck on your marathon!
Congrats on 1000 miles and feeling good!
Meg Runs said…
I totally agree, why run without a plan and a goal? I seem to go from one to the next! Enjoy your taper!
I like always having a race to train for, too. Congrats on 1000 miles!
Teamarcia said…
Oh yes the plan...gotta have a plan!
Anonymous said…
Holy Cow, woman. 1000 miles. That's insane. I'll be thinking of you on Marathon day and looking forward to your write up. I'm the same way with a plan. Have to have something to look forward to. I'm working on recruiting a coworker for the Tom King. :)