A Fantabulous 20-Miler! Hellooooo, Taper!!!!

I was not looking forward to today's 20 mile run, but it COULD NOT HAVE GONE BETTER! Thank you, God!

I met up with 3 friends at about 8:45 this morning and we started out. I had mapped out the route for us-- a mix of suburban and country roads. We kept up a constant conversation and a pretty even pace. We walked the big hills. We had an encounter with an unleashed German Shepherd (he was more curious than threatening, but one of my friends had been bitten on a run about a month ago, so we were all a little wary). Another friend joined us for a quick 5 miles in the middle, which is always nice to shake things up.

I carried my best friend Accelerade (fruit punch flavor) which just plain WORKS for me. Looking back through my running journals, my best long runs and half-marathon PR all involve Accelerade. Sure, it's kind of GROSS, but it does what it says it does! I only gel'd twice, but I did eat 3/4's of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at mile 10 a friend had dropped for us. Those sandwiches and water bottles were much appreciated!

Toward the end when I would have probably walked more, my non-walking friend kept me going. She just doesn't walk on long runs. Our little group had gotten separated, so it was just the two of us. After she was done at mile 16 (her first run over 13.1--she's training for the Disney Marathon in January), I was on my own for the last 4. Surprisingly, I felt great at 16, not bad at 17 or 18. The last two I walked for like .1 of each of the miles or less. I finished the run in about 3:44, which should put me in decent shape to break 5 hours in the marathon this time! Whoo, hoo! Aim LOW!

I believe I could have done 6.2 more at the end with some discomfort. However, I haven't tapered. I ran 37 miles last week and now 38 this week (hope to get in two recovery miles tomorrow for my first ever 40 mile week ).

Helllloooo, Taper! I've been waiting for you...... Just got to get through a long run of 10-12 next week and then an 8. St. Jude, here I come!


busyrunningmama said…
Awesome job!!! Great job sticking with the non-walking friend and letting her push you a bit!! Love the pb&j idea!!!
Meg Runs said…
They say that Accelerade is one of the best...and it worked for you! Great job and congrats on tapering!
Kerrie T. said…
That is awesome! I'm so excited for you.
Congrats on the great run! Enjoy your taper!
Good for you!

YAY! I love having a great 20 mile run. What a great feeling. Makes you feel ready for the marathon. good luck with taper.
Congratulations! Sounds like a great run. It's neat how you broke it up into different parts, some with friends, some by yourself.

Hope the taper is enjoyable. You're an inspiration, Donna!
Anonymous said…
Way to go. I should try the accelerade. I've only had gatorade. Maybe one day I'll be there. Good luck on st. jude. Who's doing the Princess race in Disney? I'd LOVE to do that half.
Lisa said…
Darn!! i threw away a quart sized ziplock full of fruit punch Accelerade when I moved. I wish I had known... I just couldn't gag down the stuff and bought a ton (luckily splitting it with friends) before the marathon last year. I'm glad it works for me. No matter how many times I try it I can't make it work. Vitalyte is my current poison.

Great job on your long run. I think you'll leave five hours in the dust. Enjoy your taper!