Only a Little Sick...

I'm still fighting with this silly cold. I'm feeling a bit drained. On my 8-miler this morning, my last "long" run, I walked 4 or 5 times, especially on the hills. I just wasn't feeling it.

My nose is runny and burning and sneezy. My throat is a little sore. I've got a headache.

And I've got SEVEN DAYS to get better before the marathon. Aren't colds usually 7-10 days? I've been feeling cruddy for at least 3 days, so I'm probably good!

Five months of my life poured into preparation for one day, for four-and-a-half to five hours of one day, technically---- cold or not, I'm running!


Anonymous said…
That's the way to look at it! Stay positive, keep taking those vitamins and you'll do fine next week.
Mama said…
Hope you feel great by the marathon!

MCM mama
Meg Runs said… up! That's all I can say, SLEEP and rest! Your body is all ready to run but you'll need the rest to fight the bug. Good luck!
Lisa said…
Why do runners always seem to get sick before race day? I hope you are feeling better soon.
Lisa said…
Rest and take care of yourself... you should be fine by next week. Don't be afraid to miss a scheduled run.

As it gets closer to race day, ease up on the vitamin c. I took a bunch before my first marathon and I'm pretty sure it contributed to several stops in the porta potty.
Jennifer P said…
Rest and ditto on the vitamin C comment.
water water water.. and of course vitamin C and REST REST REST.. lots of HOT HOT HOT baths. Does your local YMCA have a sauna? Maybe you could go sit in it once or twice this week. Good luck. I have run a couple marathons at the tail end of a cold... you will be ok.
Load up on vitamins c & d.

Hope you feel better!!