Should I Be Scared?

1. I just sneezed 6 times in a row. My runs yesterday and today have been energy-less. Is getting sick the first week of taper a terrible thing?? I guess the last week of taper would be worse...

2. I found the elevation profile for my marathon in 3 weeks.

Ummm, is that one long hill from miles 5-10 and another one from 14-19??? At least the last 7 miles seem to be downhill except for a slight incline at mile 24. I'm not super-adept at reading these, but the numbers on the left do not increase a whole lot, so maybe these are really tiny inclines?? What do you all think?


NY Wolve said…
That honestly does not look that bad -- relatively flat really. Max elevation gain appears to be about 50 feet over 5 miles or so and that is almost imperceptible. Of course, that is easy for me to say in that I don't have to run it.

And it is all downhill from 19 miles to home. Gotta love that.

Good luck and thanks for your words on my blog -- always meaningful and I appreciate it.
Meg Runs said…
I agree with NY, it looks like a nice, flat-ish run. I really love the ending! I think a cold during the first part of the taper sounds better than the latter but no cold is the best! HOPE YOU FEEL better!!
Mama said…
Yeah, I"d have to agree that the course doesn't look too bad.

HOpe it's a minor illness and passes quickly!

MCM Mama
Casey said…
tiny inclines! whoot!
Amy said…
I don't remember the specific hills. BUT I do remember thinking (a lot) during the race... about how the idea that Memphis is flat is a fallacy. I expected flat as a pancake... and flat as a pancake, it's not. BUT... it's really not that bad. Especially since you're expecting it now :)

I think that mile 24 incline is a bridge... fwiw.
Hmmm, sounds like a little "taper madness" is setting in ... :-)