I'm Out--- No Marathon

I have bronchitis. It is viral, so it is not responding to antibiotics that I've been on for 5 days. Feeling worse and running a fever. Developed the cough during the night. It burns in my chest.

Running 26.2 in 30-degree weather is not advised.

My 9-year old and husband are sick, too.

This marathon just wasn't meant to be.


Betsy said…
I'm so sorry. You must be really disappointed. Feel better, and know that there will be other races.
Mama said…
I'm sorry! Hope you feel better soon and can find a new race to take advantage of all your hard work.

MCM Mama
Lisa said…
Oh no, I am so very sorry. I can't imagine how disappointed you must be. I hope all of you feel better soon!
Amy said…
Oh no!!!! I'm sorry! I hope you get to feeling better soon. There are plenty of marathons to run... don't worry about it, just get better.
How frustrating! Get plenty of rest and get well soon!
ugh I'm sorry :( I hope you all feel better soon!
lawmonkey13 said…
That sucks! I know I would be super-pissed. Y'all get better soon.
kat said…
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Lisa said…
Oh NO!!!! I am so sorry! I know how disappointed you are. But as others have already said, there will be plenty of races. But still.... I am heartbroken for you.

Take care of yourself. Feel better. (((hugs)))
Casey said…
I don't really agree with the guy who posted above me... ;)

Anyway, at least you know it wasn't meant to be. It's not like you were too tired or you had a headache and just opted out. You are certifiably sick! Get healthy and hopefully you can find another marathon in the next few weeks to run!
Oh, I am SO sorry! That is terrible. Just so rotten. I hope you feel better soon and can get back out there.