Taper 2.0

Taper 2.0 is going fairly well! In my 3 weeks of Taper 1.0, I ran 25 miles, 21 miles, and 11 miles. My glyclogen was replenished. My muscles were rested. Then with the illness, I missed the WHOLE POINT OF SAID TAPER, the actual race, so began Taper 2.0.

On Monday, I logged 6 miles with my friend Kathy. On Tuesday, I just did 2 easy ones on the treadmill. On Wednesday, I ran 5 miles. (That was the day I finally registered for the race. I had to make sure I had some semblance of energy back and could BREATHE while running.) Today I ran 12 miles (the same mileage as the first week of taper waaay back when....)

While my runs haven't been abundantly energetic, I finished them. I only cough when I stop. The 12 today was challenging because I could really tell my energy level wasn't where it was pre-virus. I felt pretty ok for a few miles, but then I felt really slow and it was a struggle by the end. (Can one get out of shape that fast???) I have 9 days to feel better and better (and avoid more illness please, God!). Hopefully, I'll arrive in Jacksonville as good as new (almost).

One bad part of today's run was at mile 4, I rolled my right ankle. Again. I rolled it back in March while training for my first marathon by stepping in a hole on a 16-miler, then again on an 18 miler two weeks later (on a flat surface--it was just weak). Well today on the exact same flat surface, my ankle just had a moment of weakness and rolled completely to the outside. I guess I'll be wearing my ankle brace for stability in this marathon just like last time! (And I have a feeling there will be a few other ankle braces and knee braces as many marathoners are pretty beat up by the time they hit the starting line.) I am blessed that it's not sprained or broken--I was able to run 8 more miles on it with mild discomfort. I'm going to ice it a little later.

I've been thinking about my GOALS for the Jacksonville Marathon next weekend. Originally for the Memphis Marathon, my goal was going to be A. 4:45 or less, B. 5:00 or less, and C. under 5:14. (I wanted to at least beat that Biggest Loser dude Rudy who ran 5:14 after never running over 15 miles in his life.) I would have really put pressure on myself to do that. I also would have put pressure on myself to keep up with my two friends (who wound up with a 4:56). I would have been devastated if I couldn't keep up and got left behind. So, maybe it's GOOD that I got sick and couldn't run that marathon. I was way too wrapped up in time and pace and what others were running.

I'm going into Jacksonville with different kinds of goals. A. To have fun, to smile, to enjoy the experience. B. To be thankful that I'm able to participate in this sport and in, for me, the pinnacle of my sport. C. To finish in good shape. Yes, under 5:00 would still be nice or at least beating my previous 5:17 time from April. But, I think the main thing is to just go into it with the RIGHT ATTITUDE. My body is going to do what it is going to do. My mind-- I can control that!


Oh, yeah, have fun at the marathon! Be glad that you are there! High five kids! Smile at the spectators! It'll be fun!
Meg Runs said…
Ouch! I rolled an ankle before a marathon last year and I had no idea I could have worn an ankle brace! Where do you find those? I didn't have a problem running but the pain stuck around for ages and when ever I stepped a certain way, it hurt. Hope yours is okay! Happy tapering, sounds like you're doing it the right way!
Lisa said…
Oh my, I hope your ankle is alright. I rolled my two weeks ago and ended up with a fracture and I think some strained ligaments. Take care and definitely wear the ankle brace.
Wendy said…
I think that is a great attitude!
I think your new goals are great.

Have a good weekend :-)
Kerrie T. said…
THAT is a great attitude! I bet if you just have fun, your other goals will take care of themselves.