Thank You!!

Thanks to everyone for offering advice and wisdom!

I am feeling better energy-wise, still have a little lingering cough and congestion, but I no longer feel SICK. That is a good thing.

I went for a 6-mile test run this morning at about 20-seconds faster than goal marathon pace. It was tough, I'll admit (there were BIG hills). But my chest did not hurt. I did not cough during the run, just a little afterward. It really helped me decide between options A., B., and C.

And the winner is......

I think the main deciding factor between goals A. Jacksonville in 2 weeks and B. Mercedes Marathon in 11 weeks is that last night my husband said, "I don't think I can handle you in marathon training for 11 more weeks."

Me, either. Looks like I'm heading to Jacksonville. I plan to register tomorrow! I may have to adjust my race goals a bit, but I think the "pancake flat" course will help a lot.

My first marathon last April was for all those kids who picked me last in gym. (You know who you are.) This one is for ME.

My friend Casey reminded me to look at this marathon not as something I "have" to do, but something I "get" to do. In her words, "it's not a hassle...not a burden... it's a freedom." I dig that.

After the marathon, I look forward to running "free" for a while--no training plan, no upcoming races. Casey also shared this quote from What Women Want:

"She's running. It's early. It's quiet. Just the sound of her feet on the asphalt. No pressure, no stress. This is the one place she can be herself, look any way she wants, dress, think any way she wants. No game playing. No rules."

I miss that kind of running.

But I need to finish what I started. Honestly, I'm NERVOUS about this marathon coming off an illness. I'm NERVOUS about running in a new city with 500 strangers, not a familiar face in the crowd. I had planned a marathon with a bunch of friends, a couple of whom were similar to my pace. I just hope I don't have a lonely 26.2, you know? Maybe I should write PLEASE TALK TO ME on the back of my shirt!


MCM Mama said…
Good luck! Try to enjoy every minute of it!
I think it is good that you are getting right back into a marathon. The 11 weeks would have been looooong. GOOD LUCK!
Kerrie T. said…
You are amazing and are going to do great! Looking forward to the recap in a couple of weeks!
Meg Runs said…
Very nice reflections and remember, you GET to do it, relax! I love that quote from your friend. So true, that's why we love running!
Reach out and talk to others while you're running, you'll make a difference and pass the time without loneliness! Have fun too!
NY Wolve said…
Good luck! My wife said same thing, except it was like, "when does this insanity end?"
And as for getting picked last in gym class, I know. I haven't written the obligatory why I run post because not sure I want to open up that can of worms.
So good luck!
I have run almost all of my marathons alone. Never knowing anyone at the start. It really isn't as lonely as you would think. The runners are more then willing to chat it up with you. you will be fine. I def think the Flat course will be nice especailly for the mental side of it all. Seriously, just relax and enjoy the marathon. Maybe don't have any goals except to finish, that way you can't/won't be disappointed. Those are my favorite races. :) I am excited for you.
Anonymous said…
Glad you decided and are doing it soon. Good luck. That would be great if you put that on the back of your shirt. You should put Clarksville REPRESENT! on there as well :)
Funny shirt idea! Have fun at the race!
Casey said…
my running group and i ran a half mary together, bur 3 miles in, I was alone. and that was okay. i didn't have to make excuses for walking thru water stops or have to worry about catching up later. its a trade-off
Wendy said…
Yay, so excited for you!!

I prefer to run races alone. I always turn on my ipod at mile 13. It is kind of like the reward for finishing the first half, and it helps keep me distracted for the second 1/2.

You're going to do awesome!