To Be or Not to Be?

My fall 2009 marathon was not to be. You guessed it, I got the stomach bug! Shortly after my last post, my stomach started rumbling and grumbling and it, um, didn't end well. This is three days later and I feel about 75% better. Of course it takes 100% of a person to run 26.2 (110%??). My little one is the only one who has been spared from the bug, but she's running a low-grade fever today. Easy decision. She only wants mommy when she's well, much less sick!

So, I'm looking at late 2010 races. I need a marathon training break. I've been in training for nearly 6 months. I'm planning a couple of spring half-marathons though!

Short term, I'm just going to run for fun--what a concept!! I'm hoping to run 10 on January 1st to ring in 2010. That seems fitting.

I will leave you with our 2009 family Christmas photo. Someone was feeling a little Grinch-y.

Merry Christmas!


Amy said…
Awww. Merry Christmas! Cute photo!!

And good luck with the training break! You deserve it! :)
Lisa said…
Well that's a bummer. I'm so sorry. It only means better things are to come though. Your 2010 marathon will be a good one, no doubt about it.

Funny picture! You might be able to blackmail her with it when she's older lol.
lawmonkey13 said…
I was sorry to hear about everyone being sick! If you're looking for a late 2010 marathon, I have to say that I really enjoyed Columbus. It was mostly flat, it's in October, and it had plenty of support/aid stations/port-a-potties. But you could always do the Nashville 50K with me in October instead. LOL. Good luck!
Meg Runs said…
I hope your 100% better soon, so sorry you had to miss the race but there will always be others!
Kerrie T. said…
That's too bad. I was wondering if you were gonna make it. I'd say you deserve a break.

LOVE the Christmas photo!
Sorry that it wasn't to be. That just stinks.

Love the pic! Beautiful family :-)
Love the family photo! Happy Holidays ~ Dorothy