10 for 2010 Virtual Run Reports!

Hello, Running People. How was your run today???

It's chilly here in the south. At 8:00, it was 19 with a windchill of 10. That's pretty cold for those of us in Tennessee! (I'm sure it's waaaaay colder lots of other places though!) I texted my friends who had planned to meet me at 8:45 and asked them if they were sure about this---all three of them were totally in, no matter what the weather.

We got together around 8:50 and ran 3.8 miles. Despite the wind and cold weather, it was really nice. We were surprised how pleasant it was at the beginning before we were even warmed up. I guess we dressed just right. After our 3.8 mile "warm up" run and hanging out for a bit, we drove about a 1/2 mile away to the local running store's Resolution Run at 10:00 a.m. It was an informal group run, not a race. No clock, no gun start, just a bunch of crazy folks who like to run. There was a 5K route and 10K route, and we planned to do the 10K to end at 10 miles for the day (thus the reason for 3.8 ahead of time). About 40 people showed up, but only 7 of us opted for the 10K, which was a double loop around the 5K course.

It was kind of neat--after the first loop, all these fast guys in their tights and their cross country shirts (lots of high schoolers showed up) who had blown past us on the route were relaxing and hanging out at the finish after "only" 5K. We passed them eating their bananas and oatmeal raisin cookies, and we just kept running, slow, but steady, knowing we had run further than them before the Resolution Run even started.

We picked up a new friend in the last mile of the 10K--a traveler visiting from out of town. I love talking to other runners! The lone group run organizer was waiting for us when we finished--the four of us gals who had completed 10.5 in all(the course was a little long) and our new friend. I was surprised that out of 40 people, only 7 of us did the 10K, but I guess the weather was a factor. Or maybe most people are just content with 5K. (If I could actually run FAST, I might be content to run 5K's only, but since I'm slow, I might as well go LONG!)

After we finished, I was supposed to meet my husband and kids for lunch. When I called him, the kids weren't dressed, but he estimated he'd have all 3 of them dressed and out the door in about 5 minutes. (Yeah, right. I knew that meant at least 15 minutes in real time.) So I went to our little lunch meeting place, parked, and ran another 1.5 miles until he and the kiddos got there, bringing my total to 12 for the day. I kind of enjoy those bits and pieces runs.

Hello, 2012?

Please post your virtual run report in the comments section. I'll highlight some of the funny/strange/neat parts in an upcoming post!

Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said…
Ditto. Except for the lunch part. Thanks so much for organizing, Donna. I know I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't had put it together. Thanks for a great morning.

And it was just sad that we were in such a minority for the 10K. 5K Weenies :)
Chris said…
Got in my 10k for 10, but it wasn't easy -- I had got only 4 hours' sleep the night before, putting together a video slideshow for my daughter's 7th b-day on Sunday! Since I don't know of any fixed 10k route around here, I just headed due east on the road out of town and ran (according to my GPS watch) 3.1 mi., then turned around and went home. Beautiful day, 60s and sunny. Happy new year!
well I havent posted about mine just yet. It was very boring and uneventful.
TX Runner Mom said…
Darn, I missed the 10 for '10, but I'll be sure to run 11 for '11 next year! :-) Great idea by the way!