Recovery #2

Wow. Marathon recovery the 2nd time around is soooo much better!!! Last time, I had 4 blisters under 4 toenails, after which said toenails turned several lovely shades before vacating the premises of my feet. I had to take a round of antibiotics after one of the areas became a little, um, (how do I say this delicately?) oozy.

This time, one tiny blister was gone the next day. My feet didn't hurt, and I didn't feel overall like I'd been hit by a truck. A Prius perhaps, but not a truck. My quads, hamstrings, and calves definitely ached for two to three days. I walked 1.5 miles on Monday to speed recovery. By Wednesday my legs had somewhat forgiven me. I cycled at the gym for 3 or 4 miles that day. On Saturday, I ran 5.

So, yep, recovery is going much better this time around!

Mostly, I'm just RAVENOUS, carrying around about 6 extra pounds, and kind of sleepier than usual. I can live with that.


Jen said…
Wow. I hope I have the same experience.
MCM Mama said…
Glad recovery is going well!
It's crazy how recovery from one race to another is different. Glad you are feeling better.
Lana said…
So have you chosen your next marathon yet?!
Anonymous said…
That's great to hear. Could it be that you'd trained for EVER for this one :)
NY Wolve said…
After a hard race (or even a long run) I am famished and will eat everything in sight. I know it is a biological response, but it is like I am never full for long. Good news on the toenail front. Mine are only beginning to look normal after the damage done by my November marathon.
Yay for you! Now I have hope that recovery after a marathon could be okay :)