Whoo-hoo! 4:45:51

A. goal was 4:45 or under. B. goal was under 5 hours C. goal was to do better than last April's 5:17

You can imagine I'm HAPPY!!!!!!! I'll write a full race report tomorrow, but I had a great time in the race. I ran with my heart, not my head--a little too fast in 1-13, but I was feeling awesome. I still felt pretty good from 14-17. It got tough around mile 18 and then 20-26 were BRUTAL, especially 22-26. (But when are those miles NOT brutal?) I ran music-free because my MP-3 was frozen up, but I made a friend (just like last time!) at mile 12 and we stayed together until mile 26. Average pace was 10:55, but up until mile 18, I was averaging 10:38/pace. THAT'S how much I slowed down in 18-26, but I'm proud I kept it under 11 minute miles.


MCM Mama said…
You go girl!!! Looking forward to the full report.
Stacey said…
I'm so proud of you! You did awesome! Can't wait to read the full report!!! Enjoy those endorphins! ( :
lawmonkey13 said…
Congratulations! Awesome job!
Lisa said…
Congratulations!! I am looking forward to reading your race report. I am glad you had a good time.

Oh my... I would DIE if I had to run an entire marathon without music.
Great job! Can't wait to read your report.
Wendy said…
Congratulations! I knew you'd reach your goal.
Playing bloggy catch up so I already read your race report. It was great!

Congrats again!