"You Must Really Like Running!"

One of my co-workers at the YMCA said this to me the other day. This was after I added another session to the three running classes I already had on the schedule. Now I'm teaching one class with 23 half-marathoners, one with 6 Couch to 5Kers, and two classes of 15 "mini-marathoners" in grades K-6. Yikes. I really MUST like running. Can I start calling it my "jobby"?

I like to look at this coaching thing as more of a calling than just a job. I am neither an expert nor a great runner, but I am a teacher at heart, an encourager, and I love to share how running has changed my life. Meeting new people and acquiring new running buddies is a bonus.

My half-marathon group ran 10K on Saturday, most for the first time. I made them a little certificate (I know, cheesey, but well-meaning). They were THRILLED and couldn't believe they had run 6.2 miles (Although they had run 5.5 the week prior, somehow 6.2 miles is special. It's really long-distance territory). They still have 9 weeks until race day, and they are well on their way.

It is so neat to see people experience "new distance" for the first time. From now on, all the long runs will be new territory for the majority of them. There's nothing quite like training for that first half or full marathon. I can't wait until our 10-miler. The first time you complete a double-digit run is pretty amazing.

I'm home with 3 kiddos enjoying yet another Middle Tennessee snow day. This time we have about 3 inches of snow atop about 2 inches of ice. It's a good thing I have a treadmill!

P.S. Something in my "About Me" is about to change in the next few days..... More on that later.

P.S.S. Two NEW running songs I'm enjoying: Switchfoot's Bullet Soul and Mess of Me


Great that you are able to share your love of running with so many!
Jen said…
What a cool jobby.
I think it is your calling. You're wonderful at it and you're great at inspiring and encouraging your group. So glad you were my coach and now my running buddy.
jacqueline said…
i think it is great that you found your calling. you are an inspiration.
Cristy said…
I am actually using my iPhone app Couch to 5k to train for a 5k. I have participated in them before but I have never ran one. So I am planning my first one for June. You are lucking that you have such a great job. If you are interested in how my couch to 5k training is check out my blog http://cristygetshealthy.blogspot.com/2010/01/day-1-couch-to-5k.html

Have a great rest of the week.
Great post. Also happy to hear your setbacks have passed and you'll be tackling that marathon! You will do fantastic. Can't wait for the race recap.
Jan Murray said…
I've enjoyed reading your posts. Did you take a coaching certification class through Road Runners? I am considering this and would like to hear about your experience.