Bandwagon Jumping

I'm apparently a sucker for a hard sell. A week ago, I went to a running seminar put on by a representative from Newton shoes. If you don't know about Newtons, they are "the next big thing" in running. Allegedly. They are part of the movement toward less shoe, more natural barefoot-style running. The rep talked about Born to Run and Chi Running. He made us take our shoes and socks off and experience the floor in our bare feet. He explained that mid-foot striking is the WAY TO GO in terms of running. He even called them "PR Shoes." So what did I do? I bought a pair, of course. It wasn't that I needed new shoes. I think my Asics Kayanos have only 150-200 miles on them. It wasn't that I am plagued by nagging injuries and needed a CHANGE. Nope, I just fell victim to the sell. I jumped onto the Newton "natural running" bandwagon.

I had regrets right after pushing "place my order" on Road Runner Sports. What was I doing spending $150 for shoes I didn't even need? In this economy? When I only work a very part-time 6-8 hours per week?? Looking back, it was probably the PR thing that got me. He basically promised that these shoes would make me a better runner, a faster runner. If I could just change my form from heel striking to forefoot striking (which these shoes FORCE your feet to do with a built up forefoot plate), I'd finally be the runner I want to be.

For just a few minutes, I was a believer that these were magic shoes (cue Forrest Gump...). I was looking for a short cut, in reality. I wanted to become a faster runner overnight without all that pesky speedwork. I typically dislike tempo runs. Intervals aren't much fun, either. But give me a slow, easy pace and I can run ALL DAY.

Sometimes I wish I were less driven in this running thing. I keep setting more and more goals. I want to run a 10K in under 58 minutes, a 5K in under 28 minutes, a half in 2:05. I want a 4:30 marathon! But that's going to take hard work and perseverance. Not magic shoes.

I'm sending the Newtons back. They arrived today and I ran about a mile in them. They did alter my form, that's for sure. But I think I've decided that if something's not broken, why try to fix it? I've run 2 marathons and 6 half-marathons injury-free in the past 24 months. I may struggle with speed (or lack thereof), but a quick fix isn't the answer.


Kate said…
i love it! you sound like me. hard work and perseverance as hard as they can be are the key. and a good sweat is just a bonus! save that money for your next pair of asics :)
I'm just now catching up in bloggy land. I didn't know you sent them back. I was just thinking today about getting a pair after the Muddy Buddy next weekend. That was my plan when we went to the seminar. That's when I'm due for some new shoes.