Change Is in the Air and Girl Issues

I'm excited about some upcoming changes in my running schedule. After Saturday, I'll be able to leave behind the long runs for a while. (Saturday is my training group's longest run and last run--a 12-miler.) Throughout the summer, I plan to run an 8-miler twice a month, but otherwise, I hope to do short and fast runs. My body is so used to the long and slow runs, it probably won't know what hit it! I know it's important to not get in a rut and do the same thing month after month. My long runs started in August of last year and have continued for-e-ver it feels like, so I'm very much looking forward to relatively low mileage and short runs for all of May and June. I'm thinking 15-20 miles per week-- just 3 runs per week. I want to cross train for at least an hour at least one more day per week and continue with strength training. I want to take some classes like Pilates, zumba, yoga, and spin to mix things up. I've been in the all-running, all-the-time mode for too long!

In the spirit of change, I'm giving new shoes a try. I found a "performance stability" category on and ordered some Nike Lunar Elites. No one I know runs in these, but they got rave reviews from several runners. They are lightweight and I'm looking for a less "clunky" feel than I'm getting from my Asics Kayanos. Just for comparison, I ordered the Brooks Launch, another performance shoe comparable to the Nike Free. They are really flexible and the heel isn't built up a mile high like the Kayanos. This type of shoe isn't going to necessarily be for marathon-training length runs next fall (I'm thinking about the Rocket City Marathon in December!), but it is more of a tempo run/racing flat kind of shoe.

I'm looking for a new "spring in my step." I think the technical term is ENERGY RETURN. I want shoes that do that. These are also a part of the movement toward less shoe, stronger feet, fewer injuries. (Not that I'm plagued with injuries.) Lately, the bottoms of my feet hurt. I think it might be time for new shoes anyway. The great thing about Road Runner Sports is I can run in them for 60 days and then return them if they don't work out. NO ONE else I know of does that!

On to the GIRL ISSUES: (stop reading if you are not a girl)
I have two other new products that have me excited about summer running. New bras! I have been running in C9 from Target sports bras. A problem with Target sports bras and very thin, lightweight running shirts is the headlights issue. It's just embarassing. You are sweaty, the wind blows, you get a chill.... and you know where the story goes from here. So, I finally broke down and bought two much pricier bras with built-in boobs, I mean cups. What a difference.
That's actually me. (Just kidding.) I bought the Moving Comfort Vixen in white from our local running store and a Champion one in black at Kohls. Small problem with the black one...
I wore it yesterday without washing it. I had on a cute orange Nike Fit Dry tank over it. I went on a hot 4-mile run from the Y and came back soaked in sweat. People kept looking at me funny as I went over to the weights area to do a few pull ups and triceps dips. When I looked in the mirror---gasp! The black bra had gotten sweaty and black dye had come through the orange shirt and I had two large black boob stains on the front of my shirt. Nice.
Maybe headlights aren't so bad.


I always wear my regular bra, because unfortunately I can... I'm not that well endowed...

Love the title of your blog, so added you to my link list!
Lisa said…
OMG I would have been mortified. I hear you on the headlights issue. C9 sport bras work for me since I'm average size and don't need the extra support but there is that little headlight issue.

I also have a problem with sweating and looking like I'm a nursing mom who has leaked on both sides. THAT is embarassing. I tend to only want to wear dark tops now because of that which bums me out because I see so many cute running tops that I pass on because of the spot issue.

I'll have to check out the Moving Comfort bra. I just hate to spend so much money on a bra. WOuld rather spend it on running shoes :)
Kerrie T. said…
I can't wait for the change of pace either. Only 8 more weeks for me. Enjoy your time off long runs!
I am so sorry but I am actualy laughing out loud...with you not at you!
Jules said…
LMAO on the black bra!!! And I wear them but TOTALLY agree on the headlight issue...especially in the C9 think singlets.