Getting Ready for Country Music Half!

I finally registered for the Country Music Half Marathon a day before pre-registration closed! I had a pretty good 12-miler on Saturday. Now, I'm just trying to train a little and rest a lot before Saturday's HILLY half. It's not a PR course, but hopefully I can beat my previous time on this course from two years ago.

I'm so glad I decided to run! It means a lot to be there to share that day with my YMCA training group and my running club. Plus, I always say the half-marathon is my favorite distance! This will be my first 1/2 of 2010 and my 7th in all. Maybe I have found my distance.

I'm still hoping to have the SUMMER OF SPEED in which I focus on faster, not longer. I will do a 5K a couple of weeks after the half and a 10K in June. Then another end-of-summer 5K to see if there's any progress. I'm also trying to organize a BIKE AND HIKE biathlon (or is it duathlon?) for my running club for July. It's an 8-mile bike ride, then a 6 mile trail run--sounds fun, no?

I'm off to spend a little quality time with Jon Bon Jovi tomorrow night. Oh, and my husband. We are having a major date night---dinner in Nashville, concert, hotel stay. Hopefully, it won't be too late of a night just 3 nights pre-race. It's nice that we can walk to the hotel from the concert. Since I'm in Nashville anyway, I'll visit the Country Music expo on Thursday morning to get my race packet.

Then this Sunday is a BIG DAY in our family's life. My older daughter is getting baptized! We have lots of friends and family coming to share this event with us.

Overall, I believe it's going to be a good week!

I'll be back with a race report hopefully Saturday!


Wendy said…
You'll do awesome! Can't wait to hear about it!
Hope you have a great half marathon! Have fun with your running group!
mrafalski said…
My husband and I have to do that race some day. Maybe next year if I can manage to stay injury free.

Good luck!!!
Kate said…
What a wonderful weekend! Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you will run the half well!