Good Runnin'

It's a little LATE, but my running has been going really well these last three weeks since the half-marathon. On Monday, I ran 8 miles, 6.5 in a cool rain and 50-degree temperatures. It was one of those great, effortless runs. I felt like I could run many more miles at the end. I didn't gel, didn't drink sports drink, hardly had any water. I just enjoyed the refreshing cool rain-- that is, until the end! About 2 seconds after I stopped, I tried to text my husband and I realized my hands were chilled and stiff and every stitch of my clothing was wet. It took me about an hour, one change of clothes, and one Starbucks latte to finally warm up. But it was a GREAT run.

I took Tuesday off, then yesterday I went to the track at a local college to run a "Magic Mile" time trial (that's what Jeff Galloway calls them). I had not run a mile time trial (that I can remember) since June of last year on this same track. I remember running the mile in about 8:38 (I'll have to check in the archives). Then about a week later, I ran a 5K race and clocked the first downhill mile at 8:36, my fastest mile yet at the time. (Not the best plan in a 5K--to run mile 1 at faster than one-mile pace! I subsequently slowed WAAAAY DOWN and had to walk. A lot.)

Yesterday, I really wanted to beat that time from last summer. I don't know why. Maybe those thirty-second 7:30 strides I've been doing at the beginning and end of some workouts gave me confidence. Or just maybe I wanted to see where I am speed-wise. Anyway, I ran a mile in 8:33--a new one-mile PR! To most, if not all of you, that probably sounds like a slow mile time, but I'm working on it. I'm primarily an endurance runner, not a sprinter. I would actually RATHER run 10 slow miles than 2 or 3 fast ones!

My hope is that before the end of the summer, I can finally get a sub-28-minute 5K. That would require an 8:59 pace or better overall. If I can run one mile in 8:33, maybe I can run 3.1 miles at an 8:55 or so pace? Consistent speed work will be the key over these next few months.

I'm supposed to cross train and do abs and arms today. Then, Saturday I'm doing a 10K tempo run. I'm really enjoying this informal schedule I've built for myself!


Mel said…
Good job! It's fun seeing the speed work paying off and those numbers coming down. Your sub 28 minute 5K is just around the corner.
I can relate. I'm an endurance runner too: I aim to go the distance, not to run it fast.

And I think 8.33 sounds pretty good!
Terri said…
Sounds like you and are are a lot alike in the speed and mileage department. My best 5k time is just a tad over 28-minutes and I was happy with that. Running really is a growing process of both the mind/will and body. I still have a long way to go! Are you looking at running anymore half's soon?
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