Injury Update: Patience Needed, but Lacking!

I didn't run the 5K on Saturday for fear of further aggravating my calf strain. It was only $15 out the window. Maybe the shirt wasn't that cute anyway!

I ran 2 minutes/walked 2 minutes for 5 miles instead. I stretched a couple of times during it and the calf felt fine. I rested on Sunday. When I got up this morning for a short, slow 2-miler, I realized it hurt again. Actually, my whole right leg hurt as I ran the first mile. It was better on the 2nd one.

I saw a different physical therapist at my appointment a couple hours after running today. She said I must have compensated somehow to take weight/strain off that calf, resulting in the whole leg not feeling right. She doesn't want me to run again until I can run pain free.

It's all just so FRUSTRATING. I am craving a good run, and I just want this injury to be OVER. For something that brings such stress relief and happiness to be taken away is taking its toll on me not just physically, but emotionally. After the appointment where I was told not to run (indefinitely), I just felt depressed. I wanted to do two things: go to sleep and eat.

I'm going to go for a swim tomorrow or maybe get on the elliptical if that doesn't hurt. I need to burn some calories and some stress! I know running makes me a more positive, more patient mom, and not being able to do it is really, really hard. :-(


Kate said…
Oh I can so relate to this. I know you are so frustrated and sad. I cried a lot when I was injured if that makes you feel more normal! :)

I will pray for your injury as I pray for mine. I did take off ten days and it seemed to help a lot. (I hurt my hip from twisting funny when trying to stand from a sitting position - ugh!)

I know you are down. Rest it as much as you can, even though you don't want to. :)
NY Wolve said…
Yes, being away makes me miss it and the benefits it brings. I hope you find a substitute that works with your injury.