Nothing Like a Little Break....

I have had a much-needed physical-therapist ordered rest due to a calf strain (level 1--not too bad). It was caused by too much speed work and hill training. I took 4 days off from running completely, then have been allowed to run gently 1-2 miles or less for the last 5 days. That's basically a 9-day break. After such a break, I feel reenergized with a spring in my step. I feel all this energy bouncing around inside of me. I've had good sweat or two during the break from an extended session of power walking, weights, and cycling (and even endorphins!), but I haven't felt that GOOD TIRED from a long or fast run. And I miss it.

Thus, I have a dilemma. My PT said last week that I should be ready for a 5K this weekend that I'd preregistered for. I'm just concerned that a hard 3.1 miles will set me back. My goal for this summer was to focus on short races and get faster. This is the last 5K I'll be able to do. My Saturday morning job prohibits any others. I've never had such a long break--I might actually PR this one! (If the 9-days off didn't detract from all that speed work.) Or, I may re-injure the calf. The "safe" thing to do would be to run the 3.1 miles not at full effort. What self control that would take! And kind of a waste of time, really. (I have to drive almost an hour to the race.)

I could just do a long, slow run very gently tomorrow--just 6 or 8 miles to get back into the distance game. My running group is going to my favorite trail.

What to do, what to do???


So ... what did you do?!

Nice to stop by your blog again, Donna!