Quick Update: Do I Run Like Phoebe?

The MRI was clean, so there is not a tear or herniated muscle. The doctor said it's a grade 2 or grade 3 calf strain. That is good and won't require surgery---just PATIENCE and physical therapy.

I was referred to a physical therapist within the orthopedic doctor's office. I had a nearly two-hour evaluation this morning. He watched me run, tested my muscle strength with several muscle groups, my balance, and took down my life story.... and then some. It was the most thorough evaluation I've ever had!

I'm a little thin-skinned and his criticism (I mean "critique") of my running form (or lack thereof) was a little hard to take. Yes, I know I need better posture. Yes, I know I am a heel striker with a short stride. No, I didn't know that my left foot curves out when I'm moving it forward mid-stride. No, I didn't know I spend more time on one foot than the other during my gait. (Do I have a "lazy leg"?) For the record, when I was running on the treadmill, it even felt SLOPPY to me. I think I'm out of practice. I've run only 1 mile about 3 days per week for the last two weeks. Apparently I look like this:

As for muscle groups, my quads are STRONG. He couldn't "break me" when trying to press my leg down while I was pushing up. But my glutes and lower abdominals are weak. My ankle and calves and left hip are week. My ITB is tight, but my calf range of motion is good. I need Pilates.

I don't have a return-to-running plan yet, but I will by next week. He wants to consult a physical therapist runner friend of his. For now, it's just run 1 or 2 miles at a time and cross train. I can handle that.


Anonymous said…
That video was so funny! I'm glad it's nothing serious. I would be so intimidated to get all that evaluation done. I'm sure I run like Phoebe, too.
That one of Phoebe running is hilarious. It sounds like good news so far.