A Step in the Wrong Direction....

Dang it! My calf is on fire when I run again. I tried the gentle approach, but I guess it wasn't gentle enough. Walking doesn't bother my calf. I was fine with jogging 4-miles the other day with lots of walk breaks mixed in and then a 4-mile walk afterward, so I tried 4.5 miles with a little less walking on Saturday. I ran/walked at a 9:1 ratio for 4.5 miles, then walked 4.5 more (9-mile training run with my half-marathon group). I did jog just a little in the last two miles since I was feeling so good, and I guess that's what put me over the edge.

I felt great during the run, but Sunday and Monday, I could tell my formerly pain-free calf was achy again when I put all my weight on one foot, like going up and down steps. I crosstrained lightly to get the blood flowing on Sunday and Monday (18 minutes on the Arc Trainer one day, walking 1.5 miles slowly the next), then tried running today. The first 1/2 mile was very painful. I walked a bit, stretched, and eeked out a couple more miles at a 1:1 run/walk ratio. That was better, but it hurts now afterward.

I'm feeling a bit back to square one. I wish my doctor had more seriously considered posterior compartment syndrome. The more I read, the more I think it's not a muscle strain at all.

I will be coaching my half-marathon group for 3 more weeks. After that, I can let go of all the long distances for a while and get stronger on just 2 and 3 milers with a 1:1 run/walk and then less and less walking. But for now, I feel like I need to be out there with them, putting in the miles in some form or fashion. This weekend, however, I think I'll most likely be just walking the 9 miles. On race day in 3 weeks, I'm pretty sure I'll be primarily, if not totally walking. I've never actually walked more than 4 miles. Walking 9, 10, then 13.1 miles is going to be interesting.

I've also started teaching a Running 101 class at the YMCA on Thursday mornings, but it's mostly beginners, Thank God. I can run/walk the 2-3 miles (or just walk!) during my recovery. This is WEEK 14 in Injuryville, I think.


Kate said…
So disappointing I'm sure. I hope resting it between now and the next 3 weeks helps it a little.