Top 10 Ways NOT to Recovery from A Calf Injury

1. When the physical therapist's advice is to only run short distances slowly, take on a new personal training client who needs speed work exclusively and wants to pay you to pace her. Run with her at least once per week, running faster than you are supposed to.

2. Continue running with your half-marathon training group over long distances and hills. Feel like a slacker when you take walk breaks and they don't. Don't take the opportunity to do the miles on a bike or walking.

3. Bounce around from physical therapist to physical therapist, but don't see an actual orthopedic doctor. Be sure to spend all $500 in your physical therapy deductable without having an definite diagnosis because you are too impatient to wait to see a doctor and want results NOW.

4. Don't have tests such as an MRI to determine if it is indeed a calf tear (because that would require a visit to a doctor and you don't want to wait the requisite 1 to 2 weeks it takes to get in).

5. Continue running 12-18 miles per week and keep running long runs, such as 8-milers, as long as you walk some of it. But don't run too slowly, so you don't look bad.

6. Squats with the kettle bell can't possibly make your calf hurt more. Do them often.

7. Make sure you spend even more money on things like the foam roller, The Stick, and orthotics ($20-$50 each) for a "quick fix."

8. Be as impatient and as frustrated as possible. When it feels better, immediately go out and do TOO MUCH. Then when it hurts even to walk, back off again and feel depressed. Seek new/different advice.

9. Read everything on the Internet on calf strains, calf tears, and even a "calf heart attack" and how they can linger for years. Feel even worse.

10. Repeat the above FOR TEN WEEKS.


Stacey said…
I had to laugh at your post...I have totally been there was as if I was reading something from one of my past injuries! I am so sorry your calf is hurt. Injury is not fun at all! I do feel your pain. I am going through some things right now and it is definitely not a fun things, although, I did go to the doc. (2nd one)...good luck with your recovery!
My calf hurts just thinking about it!
Chris said…
(Been there, done that!)

Last time I injured myself Randy @ Runs with a Cross gave me some wise advice, based on experience: namely that the quick fix always ends up taking longer!

Stay strong! Stay patient!

Prayers from Cali ...
Lisa said…
Oh man!!! That sucks. I hope it heals!!

My friend had good luck with A.R.T. through a chiropractor. It hurts a bit (especially on the calf), but she said it is the only thing that helped her. It stands for Active Release Technology, or something like that.

Maybe you can just stand at the track with a stopwatch and give your client "coaching." You can tell her that it is part of the training process for her to do it herself. ;-)
NY Wolve said…
I think I have followed that advice before. For me the hardest part is always trying to be patient with an injury -- even as I feel myself being better or out of pain.

The body heals if we just let it! But do as I say, not as I do, LOL!
Anonymous said…
Hope you're feeling better!