Life after Half-Marathon

From July 3 to September 25, I had two focuses:
1. Get my 20 people ready for the half-marathon and through the race AND
2. Get myself well after the calf injury.

Now, I'm just kinda wandering around aimlessly! I'm experiencing that (oh so common) post-race lack of motivation. I ran just 6 miles last week and really felt tired from the half (so I know I gave it my best shot on race day). On Saturday, I had planned to run another 6, but when my alarm went off at 6:00 a.m., I said, "Nah," and rolled back over. This lasted exactly 30 minutes before 2 of 3 children appeared outside my door and eventually squirmed into the bed between Hubby and me. Don't they know it's Saturday??? My nine year old was actually dressed for school!

This week, I've done a couple of 3 milers on the treadmill despite the GORGEOUS, perfect running weather we are having. I just had no motivation to go outside, but watching DVR'd episodes of The Biggest Loser was fairly motivating.

This Saturday, I'm taking a fitness test. I signed up for a 5K! I have done no fast running since May, so we'll see how it goes. If nothing else, I can gauge where I am now and then figure out where I want to be! I'll post a little report after the race.


Good luck with the 5k!