Running Amok

Tired. Very, very tired. Yesterday, I completed my 30 days of Crossfit. (I should post a before and after picture, ha ha.) I didn't think to weigh myself on day one or anything, so I have little to compare. Oh well. At this point, I'm backing off Crossfit a bit and dropping down to only 1 visit per week because my running is about to ramp up again. Luckily, they offer 5 visits for $49, and with the holiday coming up, I'm pretty sure about once a week is enough.

I have, however, joined in on a Crossfit challenge to row 100,000 meters by Christmas. My real goal is get as far as I can toward 100,000 meters.... maybe 75,000. I would have to row 3700 meters every single day between now and Christmas to make it. Let's be real here, people! I do enjoy rowing, but I've rowed 14,000 meters over the last three days. I think I have rowers elbow!

I like challenges though! Honestly, 3700 meters is only 20-21 minutes worth of rowing at an easy pace. But, my new half marathon group is starting soon, and I've got to get my mileage back up a bit. I still plan to do CF twice a week, run 3 days per week, and hopefully have 2 rest days. Not sure where rowing 3700 meters per day fits in there!

Five folks came to my Tom King Classic Half Marathon team meeting on Monday night. They are all five new to half-marathoning. The race is pancake flat---the only flat race around---so it's perfect for beginners. I'm excited for them to begin their training. There are two more weeks of sign ups, but I'm happy with 5 runners if the YMCA is happy with that few. I do LOVE MY JOB coaching. It's amazing to see someone build up from a 4 or 5 mile long run to double digits, then finally to accomplish 13.1 miles. I think the day we do 10 for the first time is my favorite, next to race day. Ten miles seems so insurmountable (even if you just ran 9 miles the week before). But it's not. I just want to get them (and myself) to the starting line healthy! I'd love to get a personal best in that race or the one a month before, but that means a little more running than the 10-11 miles per week I've been doing!

I ran 3.3 today. That's something. I'm planning 3-5 tomorrow and a whopping 7 on Saturday. Very soon, I'll be doing those double digit runs again. I think I've missed them. I haven't done double digits since 13.1 on September 25. It's good to be healthy and excited about running again!


Shellyrm said…
Sounds like exciting things are happening in your life!

Good Luck in your challenge.
Kelly said…
Interested in training with your group now that I am 99% better. Can you get me some info on it? When you train, where, cost, times, etc...
I figure if I can run one and train during chemo that I can run one now...and have a new PR!!!