Old Year, New Year

2010 in a Nutshell
798.95 miles run
1 four-month calf-strain that would not go away (June-September)--aka My First Running Injury
1 full marathon at a 10:55 pace in February (very happy with that!)
2 half-marathons (both disappointments---one in April when not fully recovered from the full and one coming off the injury in September on only a 9-mile long run--ran them nearly at marathon pace--10:45 and 10:47 per mile)
2 10K's-- almost the same pace on each--9:35, 9:33. One was right after the full and one coming off the injury
3 5K's--- May, October, and October -- the best one was immediately pre-injury at a 9:05 pace
One great 8K in November to end the year. I was so happy to run 5 miles at a 9:02 pace! It was my fastest run of the year.

Goals for 2011
I want to get some 8's in those stats! Like an 8:55 or faster paced 5K. Maybe an 8:00 minute mile time trial. A 2:08 or less half-marathon.
I'd like to improve my full marathon time to under 4:45. Even 4:44:59 will do. Note: It is HARD to focus on improving both my shortest distance and my longest distance at the same time. My full is in April. After a good recovery, I hope to concentrate on my 5K goal. In the meantime, maybe in can squeeze in a good 2:08 half marathon or two.


Jill said…
I think I'm doing the Tom King in March too.

Great goals for 2011 and a great 2010 too!
Cathy said…
That's a great total for the year - good for you. I'm hoping to get some low 9 minute miles this year.
It's my first time visiting! Love your blog!