Tomorrow, my family and I leave for Chattanooga, TN! Well, technically the kids are staying with their grandparents about an hour outside of Chattanooga. I'm excited to have a quick little getaway with my husband! The scary part is the 13.1 miles through the woods on Saturday!

I had a trail running set back this week. My trail shoes DO. NOT. WORK. This is my 2nd pair. The first, Brooks Adrenaline ASR, hurt my Achilles tendon for some odd reason. My regular Brooks Adrenalines feel great and are my marathon shoe of choice. But the trail version is cut differently. So I returned those and ordered an Asics pair of trail shoes that got great reviews on Road Runner Sports. These felt ok (looked hideous though!) at first, but on a 6-mile trail run the other day, they just felt off--heavy and my legs were achy. Then on a 5-miler this week, I noticed both knees hurting and my right foot cramped up. It seemed to be the shoes.

It looks like I'll be running the trail half marathon in road shoes. I might as well paint the word "Newbie" on my forehead! My other option is to buy a pair at the "expo" (really just packet pickup at an outdoor store), but the idea of running 15 miles (I plan to do one extra before and one after since I have a marathon in 3 weeks) in unknown territory in unknown shoes is a bit scary!

My goal is to just finish relatively unscathed--no broken bones, sprains, bear attacks, etc. I will take it slow and be careful!

I'm going into this race with 9 toenails. Wonder how many I'll come out with???


neowin73 said…
When Jim, Dorothy and I ran the 23K LBL trail run we ran with road shoes and noboby laughed and called us newbies. As long as it is not wet it will be fine.