A Runner Without a Race

The top reason I WON'T be having a great Iron Mom Half Marathon and getting that totally cute shirt I posted a few posts back is that it is ..... CANCELLED. Just like my city, Paducah, KY, has gotten a ridiculous amount of rain in the last week. They had to cancel this weekend's race for the safety of the runners and the volunteers and frankly, they have bigger things to worry about. Well, I should say "postponed" because they rescheduled it on June 18. That would be exactly one week after my full marathon on June 11. I'm thinking that might not be the best time to attempt to race a half marathon!

So, for me, it is essentially cancelled. They are actually offering a refund if the new date doesn't work for you--highly unusual in the race world and very considerate. And I REALLY wanted that shirt. And a good half marathon "redemption" experience almost as much

I have yet to register for the Scenic City Trail Half Marathon on May 21. I'm just not sure I'm prepared for 13 miles o' trail running. And right now, our trails are all a big mud pit, so I can't even try it out. It's been a few weeks since I did a couple of 6-milers on a trail. I was leaning toward not doing it, but with this one getting cancelled, I'm swinging in the other direction. They have only 50 spots left, so I'd better decide quickly. I'm also waiting on my trail shoes that I ordered from Road Runner Sports. Got to get them broken in, too!

And THANK YOU to all the people who offered support after a hurtful comment was left on this blog. I really appreciate you!

Well, I'm off to make burgers with my entirely over-priced grass-fed ground beef from Whole Foods. It's a treat that happens rarely, but they taste so good. Mine will be bunless with green peppers and onions sauteed in coconut oil. I also plan to cut up a summer squash and saute it in coconut oil and make steamed broccoli. After all the chips and salsa I ate over the weekend, I have to eat clean this week!


May Be
Amanda said…
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