A PR in the Rain?? Ky Derby Forecast

The Louisville forecast this week has been the most changing forecast I have ever seen in my life.  A few days ago it was going to be sunny and 82 (yikes).   Then it was going to be partly cloudy and 72 (better).  And now, it says a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms and a high of 66 with a low of 42 (hmmmm). 

I don't know what to pack!  I don't know what to expect!  It's driving me crazy! 

I actually like running in the rain.  If it is above 50 or so, I'm usually pretty good.  I have had some instances lately where cool and damp leave my hands stiff, and I did have one rainy run on a 55 degree day when I was soaked to the skin and started shaking uncontrollably.   I didn't feel warm for about 12 hours after that!

The thing about running in the rain is you just have to ACCEPT.  BEING.  WET.   It is what it is (I really hate that expression, but it fits here).    Maybe I should change that to EMBRACE.  BEING.  WET.  Maybe the rain is God's gift to keep us from overheating over 26.2 miles.    Or something like that.

Besides the weather obsession, the rest of taper insanity has kicked in.  How can I possibly keep eating this many carbs?  I've only run 2 miles this week!  And my knees hurt in them! Then  I woke up with sore calves---from two miles!!   I miss my endorphins.   Then I took the kids to the playground today and was doing the monkey bars and bashed my left knee (my bad knee) into the metal pole at the end.  Seriously??   After Saturday's 8-miler, my left hamstring (my bad hamstring) cramped all afternoon and evening.   It was injured like a YEAR ago.  What on Earth??? 

I know, I know.   It's just TAPER. 

Three more days......

P.S.  Have you tried peanut butter Gu?   It is awesome!!