The Final Tally

On January 1, 2012, I decided to meticulously log every mile and every workout.   The final results are in:  I ran 1245 miles in 2012.   I crosstrained..... wait for it......    128 miles.   Total mileage:  1373.  

Well-rounded, I wasn't. 

I ran one 50K, two marathons, four half-marathons, one 10K, two 5K's and two trail races--9 miles and 23K (14.2 miles or so with 11.6 on a trail in the middle). 

I spent more time on trails than ever before and fell. in. love.   I think the trails are meant to be my home.   Maybe I should log all my miles there in 2013?   The only problem is the safest trails in my town are 1.9 miles and .9 miles long.  It's kind of hard to do a long run there.   There are 40+ miles of technical, deserted trails (read "scary" and "dangerous" and "desolate") just four miles from my house.  But, it's just not a safe place to run on my own.  

I just realized that the only two races I've registered for in 2013 are not road races--one is trail and one is on a crushed-limestone track.   Do I detect a TREND at work?

I am having LOTS o' trouble with my ankle lately.  I had been running 2, 3, and 4 milers since my ankle sprain,  then I ran 7 for an awesome cause (the Angel race).  It didn't hurt much during, but it has hurt since.   I ran another 7 miler this past weekend (two Saturdays in a row with 7 milers) and both my ankles felt like someone was stabbing them afterwards.   In both cases, I was sore after just 7 miles in my hamstrings.  I don't know if I'm running differently or just am not adapted to 7 milers.

There may be two choices--- back off on the mileage to closer to 5 for my long run OR find a gentler way to run far without pounding pavement.   Maybe do it on the college track (soft and spongy) or a trail or the 3-mile gravel road (also desolate and scary) near my house.

I am registered for a trail marathon on March 9.  Hmm... getting from 7 miles to 26 in 10 weeks?  Might be possible, but probably not advisable.   Looks like I'll drop down to the 23K and then maybe look at a full further down the road---like in May.