2013 Goals

This is the first year in a long time that I have more non-running goals/resolutions than running ones.   But since this is a running blog, I won't bore anyone with the non-running ones.

In 2012, I had two goals:  Break 2:05 in a half marathon and break 27 in a 5K.  I didn't do either.  I missed both by just seconds though.  I guess those two will carry over.

I *hope* to do the following in 2013:

1.  Get this ankle healthy.   Right now, it still hurts every day.  I need to train smart over the next month by running limited mileage on soft surfaces when possible.

2.  Crosstrain more.   I love hiking on the trails (a little scared to run on trails right now with that weak ankle) and cycling on a stationary bike.   There is something so fun about putting in some good music and tuning out the world on the stationary bike at the Y.    Some days, I may only do 15-20 minutes of high-intensity intervals on the bike, some days I may ride for 45-60 minutes.   It's also a great time to read.   I hope to Crosstrain 1 - 2 days per week.

3.  HIIT.   I am going to make sure to include some high-intensity-interval training both in running and cycling or cross-training as well as strength training.   It will help that I am teaching a Tuesday morning Cardio Circuit class!   I will plan 1/2 the class as HIIT and the other half as strength work.

4.  Strength train 2 X a week.  I am still waiting for my ankle and wrist to be 100% before seriously pursuing a Crossfit gym.  I am starting Crossfit lite on my own though.   I am sore today and it feels good!  Weirdly, I missed that feeling.   Again, since I'm teaching a class at the Y, this should be easily attained.
5.  Run more quality miles.  I am starting a new part-time job plus my old part-time job at the Y and three kids.  I don't have all day to run anymore.   I am going to try less quantity and more quality.   Honestly, quantity didn't get me to my goals this year.  (Except for the marathon PR.)

6.  Run a marathon for FUN.   I don't want to put in any 20 milers, I want to maybe train up to two or three 16 milers and maybe one 18 and Galloway a marathon.   I've done it once before in 5:09 at the Hatfield-McCoy.   I'm looking at the Flying Pig Marathon in May to keep my streak of flying animal races alive.   There are some other fun summer ones I might consider as well.

7.  Break 2:05 in a half marathon.   Someday, I want to break 2 hours.   But first, break 2:05.  I think the focus race is going to be the Murray Half Marathon in Kentucky on April 13.  Training will start SOON.

8.  Break that darn 27:00 barrier in a 5K.    I think the interval training will get me there.  My PR is 27:00.     I have a long way to go to get back down to the 27-minute range though.  My speed has suffered with the ankle recovery.

9.  Take another shot at the Flying Monkey.  I'd like to beat my 5:03 sprained-ankle time and finish uninjured.    So, my first somewhat serious marathon won't be until November.   (Unless I change my mind.)   I don't mind running marathons.  I just don't like all the LONG, boring runs in training.

10.  Do more local races.   There are several I've always wanted to do, but haven't.  My 2nd part-time job will pay for race fees!