Redefining My Limits!

I started training with elite marathoner Justin Gillette on July 1, 2013.  The past 10 weeks have been very eye opening! 

The top 20 things I’ve learned from training with Justin Gillette these past 10 weeks:

1.       I’ve learned to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

2.      I’ve learned that sixteen 400’s won’t kill me.

3.      I’ve learned that the first mile repeat is always the hardest and slowest. 

4.      I’ve learned that you can add quality minutes and miles into your long runs instead of just long, slow distance runs. 

5.      I’ve learned that about 40 miles a week is the fine line between overtraining and training just enough…. for me, anyway.

6.      I’ve learned that preparation for a 20-miler is 90% mental.

7.      I’ve learned that I don’t want to disappoint my coach by not hitting the paces he has assigned.

8.      I’ve learned that I don’t want to disappoint myself as well. 

9.      I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I thought I was.

10.   I’ve learned that having a coach means that no thinking is required.  Read the training plan and just do it.  Thank you, Nike, I finally get it.

11.    I’ve learned that elite marathoners are people, too.

12.   I’ve learned that while I thought he had too much faith in my abilities when I first saw the training plan, I just had too little.

13.   I’ve learned that getting the training run in is more important than laundry but less important than my kid’s soccer game.

14.   I’ve learned that sometimes I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to make it all work. 

15.   I’ve learned that much of running really is mental.  If your brain tells your legs to run faster, they usually will.

16.   I’ve learned that I feel equal parts crazy person and badass when starting a 20-miler before dawn.

17.   I’ve learned that earning praise from your coach goes a LONG way. 

18.   I’ve learned that if you run in the evening and are heading back out the next morning, showering is optional.  (The husband may not agree….)

19.   I’ve learned that I have the ability to embrace suffering and finish a workout, even when I’m not feeling it.

20.  I’ve learned that redefining my limits is money well spent.