Running Free

I am happy to say I am running free these days.  A runner without a clue I mean plan.   Where am I going?  I don't know!  I don't care!

It is nice to run free again.  I go out my front door or meet up with friends and usually don't know how far, what pace, or even why.   I love it. 

I'm just running by feel, by mood, by weather.   Twenty degrees and 15mph wind?  Nothankyouverymuch. 

Training hard with a coach July 1- Nov 3 was fun and very challenging.  I learned so much.  My life was busy with balancing three part-time jobs, three kiddos, and mountains of laundry, but come hell or high water, I got it done.   Heck, I ran 160 miles in August alone.  Have you ever been to Tennessee in August?   It's not the ideal running month.   Let it suffice to say, there was much sweating and chafing and gnashing of teeth.

Now, I am enjoying the camaraderie of runs with old and new friends, the sound of leaves crunching under my feet on the trails, and the freedom to decide if I want (or need) a run that day.  It is glorious.

I love running again.  Thank God.  Honestly, I was kind of mad at it for a while.  But like all good relationships, running and I got past our differences and are moving on.  :-)