What? I Have a Running Blog?

All has been quiet on the blogging front for quite a while.  I'm sure you noticed. :-)

All summer, I worked on shortening my stride and increasing foot turnover.  My hip injury healed.  I ran lots of short runs.  The hip preferred trails over pavement, so I spent many miles in the woods.

Running adventures/races:

July--- I did the Bowie Park 6-mile trail run in Nashville.  It was incredibly hot and humid that day.  I ran fairly well for the first four miles, then the heat and lack of training got to me!

August---I did a road 5K in Franklin, KY with some new Kentucky running friends.  I ran hard, but controlled.  My time was 29:40, around 10 seconds slower than the 5K I ran pre-injury.   I want to get that 5K time down in the 26's!    This was my last race in the 40-44 age group.  I did not place.
I also ran trails at Percy Warner Park in Nashville for the first time.  I loved it there!!

September---  Labor Day weekend, I completed a 12.5 mile run at Beaman Park. On the 13th,  I entered the 45-49 age group!  I celebrated by attending the Cumberland Transit Women's Trail Running Retreat weekend in Lyles, TN.   It was so much fun.  I made lots of new trail running buddies.  

This past weekend, I ran the 7.6 mile Two Lakes Trail race in Dickson, TN.  It was a challenging and chilly run!  It was 49 degrees and drizzly.  I really enjoyed the beauty of the trail though.

This weekend I have a trail half marathon race in Indiana.

From here, I have no idea where I'm going!  After this weekend, I'm not registered for anything.

Perhaps I should just run for running's sake for a while?

I've got my eye on the Bell Ringer 25K in Dickson in December.  I've done a 10 and 12 miler on pavement lately, and both really made my IT bands hurt.  I'm thinking trails may be for me--permanently!