Running with Perseverance

After my 12-week Maffetone base build, and 4 weeks of 80/20 easy/hard running, I'll test this style of running in the Frostbite Half on Saturday.

It will be my 3rd time to run this race.  The past two times, I ran 2:15 and 2:14.  This time, I'd be fairly happy with 2:18, but maybe Maffetone Magic will surprise me!

I didn't taper well.  I ran a 10.5 mile trail run last Saturday that was really, really tough.  Then I walked about 3.5 on Sunday and took a yoga class on Monday.  Not having taken yoga in months, that was not the smartest idea!  My glutes and hips have been so sore!

I ran  3.5 mile runs on Tues/Wed and rested today.  I may run two miles tomorrow with strides, or I may just rest.

I honestly have no idea what Saturday will hold for me, but I will run with perseverance.

The most important thing is that I feel happy and healthy.